for the toughest conditions

ROHACELL® XT is a rigid foam for aeronautic and aerospace applications. Of all ROHACELL® grades, it is the one best suited for the most demanding process conditions: It can take curing temperatures as high as 180°C and pressures as high as 0.45 MPa. After heat treatment, ROHACELL® XT-HT can even be used at temperatures of 190°C and a pressure of 0.7 MPa. Temperatures of up to 240°C are possible in a pressureless post-cure process, too. These extreme properties make ROHACELL® XT the ideal foam for use with BMI resins, among other materials.
ROHACELL® XT is suitable for autoclave technologies and vacuum infusion processes, not to mention RTM and VARTM processes. 

ROHACELL® XT Product Information  (pdf, 67 KB)

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