Lightweight blades produced with highest efficiency

ROHACELL® WIND-F is the foam core product designed specifically to meet the demands of the wind energy industry. It provides all the stiffness, robustness and durability required in composite structures at a fraction of the weight of other core materials.

Compatible with all common thermosets and thermoplastic polymers, it delivers excellent mechanical properties at low foam densities and exhibits high temperature resistance of up to 150 °C. It is suitable for out-of-autoclave pre-preg processing and all typical resin infusion processes. In a liquid resin infusion process, it exhibits reduced resin absorption, consequently reducing the weight of the blades. Cost savings in the turbine assembly, lower breakaway torque and weight saving in the tower design can subsequently be realized. 

Benefits of using ROHACELL® WIND-F:

Reduced blade mass & lower turbine loads

  • significantly scaled down resin absorption as compared to PVC, Balsa and PET cores

  • excellent mechanical properties – even with a low core density

Decrease in production cost

  • shorter cycle times (curing and post-curing)

  • endures fast, high temperature processes used in advanced resin systems

  • high mold efficiency

Extended blade life

  • superior fatigue behavior (WöC > 16)

  • increase in specific blade stiffness

ROHACELL® WIND-F foam is available in nominal densities as low as 50 kg/m³. 


ROHACELL® WIND-F Product Information  (pdf, 101 KB)