ROHACELL® Triple F is an in-mold foamed (IMF) three-dimensional particle foam core based on PMI and is the newest product development from ROHACELL® experts.

With ROHACELL® Triple F, part geometries that are complex and challenging to produce can now be foamed “in situ” – directly inside a mold. Even geometries previously impossible to create with NC machining.
Similar to other ROHACELL® grades, Triple F is compatible with common resins and thermoplastic layers that can be placed directly inside the mold during the foaming process. Metallic inserts with high temperature resistance can also be integrated during foaming. The ability of a ROHACELL® Triple F core to withstand higher process temperatures and pressures makes it ideal for fast production processes like RTM and wet pressing.

The 100%-usable shaped cores reduce waste and cycle times, as well as rework time since it is an out-of-tool part with a high quality surface. The innovative Triple F foaming process eliminates multiple manufacturing steps including sanding, potting, release agent removal, and use of an evacuation system due to the outgassing or residual reactions that occur when manipulating polyurethane foams.

ROHACELL® Triple F is suitable for large production volumes of 1,000 to 50,000 or more complex 3D-foam core parts per year.

ROHACELL Triple F Product Information  (pdf, 125 KB)

ROHACELL® Triple F foamed cores are delivered by LiteCon GmbH, a Joint Venture between Evonik and SECAR Technologie GmbH

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