the champion’s choice for sports and leisure equipment structural cores

ROHACELL® SL is a winning choice when it comes to structural core material for today’s lightweight and high performing sports and leisure equipment. A fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) sandwich construction with ROHACELL® SL at the core can deliver an ideal solution. It provides excellent bending stiffness and strength, and stabilization of the very thin FRP sheets that face extreme external forces.
ROHACELL® SL boasts outstanding mechanical strength, especially under tensile load, and a high tenacity. These attributes make it the perfect choice for applications with substantial dynamic mechanical loads that are often basic requirements in sports and leisure equipment. 

Processing efficiency and versatility get high marks, too. ROHACELL®’s excellent temperature stability facilitates processing at up to 180°C with all common processes, including vacuum infusion and resin transfer molding, pre-preg autoclaving, and hand lay-up. The high curing temperatures allow for reduced cycle times and excellent laminate properties. The fine cell size minimizes surface resin absorption while maintaining a strong connection to the face sheet. At the same time, the closed-cell structure keeps the resin where you want it – in the interface. Whether the design requires a simple or complex 3-dimensional shape, you’ll find ROHACELL® SL quick and easy to shape by either routing or thermoforming. Ready-to-use shapes are also available from our Shapes Department. From cross-country and alpine skis to carbon bicycle wheels and ice hockey sticks. All of these applications, and more, make use of ROHACELL®’s unique advantages to create products with outstanding value and performance.

ROHACELL® SL Product Information  (pdf, 82 KB)