optimal cell structure for vacuum infusion


We have specially developed ROHACELL® RIST-HT for use as a structural core in connection with vacuum infusion processes. Its mechanical and thermomechanical properties are similar to those of ROHACELL® WF and ROHACELL® RIMA. Its cell size, however, represents an optimal compromise between low resin uptake—about 50% less than for ROHACELL® WF—and satisfactory bonding of the facings to the foam core.

It is used for infusion components in aerospace applications and in sports equipment and automotive structures.

Its optimized cell structure makes ROHACELL® RIST-HT particularly suitable for vacuum infusion and RTM
processes, where it allows safe and stable processing at 180°C with pressures of up to 0.7 MPa.  

ROHACELL® RIST-HT Product Information  (pdf, 71 KB)