the finest cells for minimal resin uptake

The cell structure of ROHACELL® RIMA has been specially designed to ensure the minimum possible uptake of resin. This is approximately 50 g/m², which allows the end weight of the component to remain extremely low. The thermal and thermomechanical properties of the rigid foam are otherwise similar to those of ROHACELL® WF or ROHACELL® RIST.

The extremely fine-celled material is used for infusion components in aeronautic and aerospace applications, as well as in sports equipment and in automotive construction.

ROHACELL® RIMA is particularly well suited for vacuum infusion and RTM processes, where the fine-cell foam can also be used purely as a fly-away tool. Processing is possible at a pressure of 0.7 MPa and temperatures of up to 130°C. The heat-treated material ROHACELL® RIMA-HT can be used at a temperature of 180°C and pressures of up to 0.7 MPa. 

ROHACELL® RIMA Product Information  (pdf, 71 KB)