the new standard in aircraft structural core material

Innovative ROHACELL® HERO delivers the latest in materials technology for composite aircraft structures that are lightweight, durable over their lifetime and less expensive to produce. Offering excellent elongation at break properties, ROHACELL® HERO remains robust and durable for the lifetime of the aircraft.

Damage tolerance and damage visibility are essential parameters when designing structural sandwich components for the aircraft industry. With sandwich components using ROHACELL® HERO cores, surface impact damage is easily visible during aircraft inspections and rework/repair is simple since the core damage does not extend beyond the initial impact location and there is no water ingress, as can occur with honeycomb core structures.

No other core material offers such ease of processing in a wide variety of processes, including autoclave, resin infusion, RTM and VARTM. With heat resistance of up to 220 °C, processing or curing temperatures can be increased higher than other core materials allow (e.g., typical cure cycle at 180 °C/0.7 MPa acceptable). This results in significant reductions in total cycle time and faster part manufacturing.

ROHACELL® HERO is a recommended grade for core material in sandwich structures for aircraft wings, landing gear doors, radomes, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, ailerons and other areas subject to surface impact damage.

ROHACELL® HERO Product Information  (pdf, 97 KB) ROHACELL® HERO Thermal Insulator  (pdf, 101 KB)