ROHACELL® allows relatively simple production of molded parts by cold or hot forming. The most appropriate method in each case can be selected in accordance with the extent of forming, the panel thickness, the ROHACELL® grade, and the subsequent processing.

In cold forming ROHACELL® is fixed cold on a die, for example, by means of a vacuum, heated in an oven to the forming temperature, and slowly cooled. This allows relatively precise production of 3D shapes. The smallest possible bend radius is approximately twice the panel thickness. Due to restoring forces, however, the panel must be held in form during subsequent processing.

Hot forming is a cost effective method for producing 3D shapes rapidly and economically. At a temperature between 175°C and 220°C, depending on grade and density, ROHACELL® becomes thermoelastic and therefore moldable. The corresponding temperatures are also listed in the downloadable file.