ROHACELL® in antennas and electronics 


Do you enjoy listening to music with superior sound quality? We would expect nothing less when your loudspeakers contain a bass membrane made of ROHACELL®. It’s used in miniature mobile phone antennas as well as super-sized antennas that can be as large as 15 square meters. 

Because the properties of ROHACELL® are very similar to air, the material is also ideally suited for substrates or spacers in antennas. ROHACELL® HF is designed for direct contact with metallic antenna panels. The ultrafine cell structure and guaranteed thickness within an accuracy range of +/-0.2 mm make the structural foam an ideal spacer for mobile and stationary antenna technology.

The range of applications for ROHACELL® extends from miniature antennas in telephones to large-scale, landship-based antennas measuring 8 m x 2 m (26 feet by 7 feet). In combination with a copper or Kapton cover skin, ROHACELL® is equally suitable for use as a mounting platform for functional antenna components and as spacers. The material can be formed into complex and even double-curved shapes.