Everyone Wants ROHACELL®


Lightweight construction is in great demand for a broad range of applications. It therefore comes as no surprise that the PMI-based structural foam ROHACELL® is used in countless areas. However, low weight is just one of many advantages the material has to offer.

ROHACELL® in aeronautical applications 

ROHACELL® is fully in its element when the rotor blades of a helicopter have the same life expectancy as the remainder of the aircraft. The structural foam has a myriad of uses in the air and space industry. 

Aviation & Aerospace

ROHACELL® in the automotive industry 

Lightweight construction in cars and trucks extends the range, allows for easier handling, and reduces fuel consumption. The use of ROHACELL® can save up to 50% of weight in each component. 


ROHACELL® in antennas and electronics

Because the properties of ROHACELL® are very similar to air, the material is ideally suited for substrates or spacers in antennas. 

Antennas & Electronics

ROHACELL® for radomes

Since the dielectric properties of ROHACELL® are similar to air, the material is used as a spacer in antennas and radomes (radar covers) of all sizes and types. 


ROHACELL® for railcars

The use of sandwich composite technology in railcars offers a greater choice of design options, less acceleration energy, and more space for passengers.


ROHACELL® for shipbuilding

The high-performance variants of ROHACELL® wring the last gram of weight out of ship masts and are part of composite bulkheads that can be set up right next to hot gas turbines. 


ROHACELL® for medical technology

High-quality X-ray and CT patient beds made with ROHACELL® structural cores provide high-resolution X-ray images with minimal radiation exposure to patients.

Medical Technology

ROHACELL® for sports and leisure

Cross-country skis, racing bikes, hockey sticks or surfboards – sports fans prize lightweight equipment. Thanks to ROHACELL® structural foam, victory is guaranteed. 

Sports & Leisure

ROHACELL® for wind power facilities 

Sandwich designs with ROHACELL® foam ensure that the rotor blades of wind power facilities, which keep getting larger, don’t get too heavy. 

Wind Energy