ROHACELL® for Wind turbine blades

The advantages of ROHACELL® sandwich cores can give blade designers the competitive edge in creating lightweight turbine blades for both traditional onshore facilities and the expanding offshore wind energy segment.

Onshore turbine blades are typically produced in lengths of up to 60 meters, while offshore turbine blade lengths can be in excess of 80 meters. Turbine loads in structures of this size are extreme and, in turn, establish high structural requirements for the other wind turbine components – from the blade bearing to the tower foundation. A reduced weight blade can have a substantial impact on lessening the stress on turbine components and extending the turbine life.

ROHACELL® plays a key role in reducing the overall blade mass and resin costs because of its low density and closed cell properties that minimize resin uptake during the infusion process used to create the finished blade. By using ultra-lightweight ROHACELL® foam cores, blade manufacturers are able to employ an optimized infusion process with reduced cycle times and increased quality levels, as compared to typical production methods. The result is a quality blade in any length that is one of the lightest found on the market today.