ROHACELL® foam for radomes

Nobody relies on visual cues any more in commercial and military aircraft operation. Radar devices have taken over multiple navigation and positioning tasks and have become an indispensable element of aircraft operation.

The covers of such radar devices, also known as radomes, are typically designed as sandwich composites. They have to match the shape of the aircraft, which can be a conventional plane, helicopter, or unmanned air vehicle (UAV). Because of the high speeds and exposure to foreign bodies, such covers must meet the highest mechanical requirements and not interfere with radar beams in any way.

ROHACELL® is the core material of choice for these applications, for example in grades IG-F or WF, which have excellent mechanical strength and are very well suited for thermoforming into spherical or double-curved dishes. Since the dielectric properties of ROHACELL® are very close to those of air, the PMI-based foam permits the passage of radar beams without any obstacles.