Product stories

Winning Technology

Since the turn of the millennium, new materials such as carbon fiber and lightweight innovative cores have been used, resulting in a modern ice hockey game that is even quicker than it was when traditional wooden ice hockey sticks were the only option. Read here how ROHACELL® from Evonik helps to make ice hockey even faster.

Giving wings to aviation in China

The Chinese C919 passenger jet celebrated its 1st successful trial flight on May 5, 2017. Flying on board was a true lightweight from Evonik: ROHACELL® rigid foam. This material is helping Chinese aviation soar higher, thanks to reduced weight and lower CO2 emissions.

Cross-country skiing made easy

Cross-country skiing goes back a long way, yet is attracting new followers. The high-tech systems by Madshus and Evonik are making believers of beginners.

Skis for champions

Star biathletes taking top honors in a race do not owe their success to chance; it is the result of submitting to rigorous and disciplined training, daily physical and mental condition, and choosing the ultimate in equipment.

ROHACELL® in helicopter rotor blades for a reliable lift-off

The Bavarian Red Cross reports that a 27-year-old woman and her four-year-old son from Bad Reichenhall were rescued after dark on a Sunday evening in the Latten Mountains, thanks to a masterly display of flying skills by the helicopter pilot and the professionalism of the mountain patrol.

Earning the yellow jersey made easy

High-tech and craftsmanship made in Germany: Why a bicycle manufacturer near Lake Constance relies on ROHACELL® for its wheel rims to help it sprint into the top-ranking in the world of professional cycling. A case in point: Team MILRAM at the Tour de France 2009.