PMI foam makes lightweight construction easy

For almost 50 years, Evonik's ROHACELL® structural foam has been offering the aerospace and automotive industries, medical technology, and other markets boundless possibilities for lightweight construction of parts or products made from high-performance composites. In such applications ROHACELL® foam core, which is based on polymethacrylimide (PMI), is used as a core between, for example, CFRP facings or as a mandrel.

The principle of increasing stiffness of a composite structure by means of sandwich construction is now well established. ROHACELL®, PMI-based structural foam has been used in fiber-composite technology for almost 50 years. And it is by no surprise that ROHACELL® still dominates in the area of high-grade lightweight sandwich construction. ROHACELL®’s success can be attributed to the following:

  • Excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, even at low densities
  • High temperature resistance up to 210°C
  • Unique compressive creep behavior for processing up to 180°C and 0.7 MPa
  • Excellent dynamic strength
  • Cell sizes that can be tailored for each processing method

The closed-cell foam uptakes resin only in the exposed cut cells at the surface. This prevents excess resin from infiltrating further into the foam, which would add unnecessary weight, and also provides an adequate means of restraining the ROHACELL® by way of vacuum fixation during mechanical processing. ROHACELL® can be processed by common machining methods which include milling, drilling, turning, and sanding. ROHACELL® can also be thermoformed into complex geometries.

Complex management system

Our ISO 9100-certified quality management system is sophisticated enough to meet the high standards of the aerospace industry. More than 200 customer specifications ensure that you'll get exactly the material you need for your specific application. 

Comprehensive support

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, losing time and money. Our Technical Service is always happy to advise on the choice of a suitable ROHACELL® grade and an appropriate processing method.

Exchange of information

Excellent service, a wide product range, absolute reliability, and dedicated solutions expertise form the basis for successful collaboration extending over many years. As part of this process, we share information with you and give you access to our technical data.


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